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Service booklet from 1956, marking the centennial celebration of the Church building (Old Brick).

Litany of dedication for bible markers and a pulpit scarf that were presented as a memorial to Matthew Slemmons. Back cover has historical information about, and a photo of, Mr. Slemmons.

Letter from West Music Co. in Iowa City, to Rev. Zerwas at the Church. West Music is the representative of the Allen Organ Co., and states that they make the finest electrical organ in the field.

A sermon on the history of the First Presbyterian Church. The sermon references Psalm 77:11-15 and I Peter 2:9-10.


A history of the First Presbyterian Church, from 1840-1965, written by Clarence A. Andrews. The booklet covers 125 years of Church history, and includes photos of some of the founding members and pastors of the Church.

Letter from church members to Ned Yoder, Chairman of the Strategy Committee Southeast Iowa Presbytery of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, requesting “cooling off” period in the discussions about tearing down the…

Letter from Noel Willis to University of Iowa President Willard Boyd regarding the possibility of selling the church building to the University of Iowa

Letter from University of Iowa President Willard Boyd to Lyle Duncan about whether the University wished to purchase the church building

Request by First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City to Presbytery of South East Iowa to sell the church building

Letter from University of Iowa President Willard (Sandy) Boyd to members of First Presbyterian Church regarding the University potentially purchasing the church building

Letter from church leadership to University of Iowa President Willard (Sandy) Boyd regarding the sale of the church building

Letter from University of Iowa President Willard (Sandy) Boyd to church leadership, offering to purchase church building

Proposal for creating The World Friendship Center

Information and policies for church materials auction

Letter from Lutheran Campus Ministry to First Presbyterian Church leadership regarding their offer to purchase church building

Contract to remove pipe organ from church

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Bid from Gordon Russell Inc. to demolish church building

Notice to appear and petition seeking to block demolition of First Presbyterian Church building, which is now known as Old Brick Church

Specifications for receiving bids to demolish church building

Letter from church leadership to members who purchased church fixtures regarding a request to sell those fixtures to Old Brick Associates, who had purchased the church building

A program from the FPC organ dedication and recital events

1987 Silver Century Fundraising Gala invitation

Newspaper article from the August 2, 1988, issue of the Des Moines Register.The article discusses removing pipe organ from the Old Brick Church. Contact ICPL for access to article.


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