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Gladys Benz at the 1987 "speakeasy" gala
John and Ellen Buchanan arrive at the 1987 Silver Century fundraiser "speakeasy" gala.
Anne Feddersen (left), Beth Daly (center) and Michael Cavitt arriv at the 1987 Silver Centy "speakeasy" gala.
Ann Feddersen arrives at the Silver Century Gala.
George and Marguerite Penick (left) and friends arrive at the 1987 Silver Century "speakeasy" gala.
Wally (Plahutnik) the Wine Guy and Jay Stein smuggle wine into the 1987 Silver Century "speakeasy" gala.
John Hasse plays "Ragtime and all that Jazz" and the 1987 Silver Century gala.
Dwight and Melinda Seegmiller (right) and friends arrive at the 1987 Silver Century "speakeasy" gala.
Photograph features Library Director Lolly Eggers
Photograph of Marv Hartwig (1924-2008), a long time major supporter of the Iowa City Public Library.


S.D. Whiting, Superintendant.

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Willard F. Main ran a jewelry and stationary business at 127 ½ Dubuque Street. His home was listed as East Iowa City in the 1908 City Directory. The 1909 City Directory lists him at Garden and Friendship. The company began as W. F. Main Co. in 1888.…

O. H. Carpenter was an architect who resided at 529 South Clinton Street. He is listed in the 1910 Census as Orville Homer Carpenter. His wife was named Anna B. and they had two children, Melba and Aileen. Two roomers also lived with them, Fay Gay…

William W. Morrison is listed in the 1911 City Directory as the proprietor of Crescent Pharmacy, located at 117 East College Street. His residence is listed as 314 East Fairchild and wife as Susan B. The 1910 Census lists his birth year as about…

On the left: Mary Leslie (daughter of Barbara Stratton), Barbara Stratton (daughter of Mary Ritter, first white woman married in Johnson County, 1838), Theodore Stover, Frances Stover. On the right: Lynn Richardson, Kate Richardson (daughter of…


a Pelzer, Mildred Railroad Arrives Longfellow School 10-27-08 full image c.jpg
One of eight murals created in 1934 by Mildred Pelzer that depict historic scenes of Iowa City. The paintings were commissioned by the Jefferson Hotel and graced the lobby of the hotel located on the corner of Washington and Dubuque streets for many…
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