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The tornado tore off the roof over my walk-in closet. Interestingly, all of my earrings are hanging perfectly. My clothes, which you don
Post tornado humor. Here, a doormat referencing the "Ding dong, the witch is dead" song from The Wizard of Oz is placed near tornado damage.
Another neighbor's garage collapsed, and some post tornado humor.
Neighbors' concrete block garage collapsed into the yard and alley. The Russells think that this is the point that the tornado set down again after damaging Iowa Avenue.
So sad! This cardinal is in shock
Fence flattened by flying debris
More debris. Neighbors' concrete block garage collapsed.
The tornado went down the alley. Debris everywhere, neighbors out checking on each other.
Three walls and roof of the garage gone. Garage door was sucked around our car.
Two-thirds of the roof's ridge beam snapped off. All of the front dormer roof blew away. View of damage to the roof from back of house. Half of back roof completely gone, the other half is askew. Rip Russell on phone with the insurance company,…
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