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Tornado damage to the Iowa Federation House, the historic building housing segregated African American University of Iowa students.
The destruction at the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House produced some of the most iconic imagery demonstrating the destructiveness of the tornado. The images of the bunk beds shown clearly, after a wall had been torn clean off, inspired many to call it…
The uprooted tree grazes the bricks of the Christian Science Church on East College Street.
House at 706 E. College Street damaged by the 2006 F2 tornado.
The Mill had to replace its signs and doors after being hit by the 2006 F2 tornado.
Businesses along the 300 Block of Burlington Street, damaged from the 2006 F2 tornado.
2006 tornado damage: Mailboxes of Iowa City, the Futon Shop, and the barricaded intersection of Burlington and Linn Streets.
The Mill with wooden sign declaring "The Mill is Open!" after the 2006 F2 tornado struck.
The Dubuque Street entrance to the Pedestrian Mall, looking north, blocked off after the 2006 F2 tornado struck.
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