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First United Methodist Church 160th Anniversary Commissioned Anthem music booklet.
"Celebrating Together for Tomorrow" booklet created to celebrate the installation of a new organ at the First United Methodist Church of Iowa City.
For Sale notice for 1942 Kilgen Pipe Organ
Specifications and prices for a new organ from The Holtkamp Organ Company
Letter from A.M. McLeod to H.A. Chakoski of The American Seating Company regarding the details of the order. Includes symbols for panels.
Letter from Max Hess, chief engineer of the Kilgen Organ Company to A.M. McLeod regarding changes to the design of the organ chamber.
Letter from Eugene L. Kilgen, President of the Kilgen Organ Company, to Earl E. Harper regarding delayed delivery of the organ due to parts shortages.
Letter from Max Hess, chief engineer of the Kilgen Organ Company to Earl E. Harper detailing plans to install organ.

Mercy Hospital_McCarthy.pdf
On April 13, 2006, the Continuing After Breast Cancer Support Group held a meeting at Mercy Hospital, 500 East Market Street. Nurse Mary McCarthy shares their story.

Specifications for the construction of the spire of the North Presbyterian Church of Iowa City

Letter from A.B. Walker to Rev. Robert Reed regarding property that was deeded to the church

Notice to appear and petition seeking to block demolition of First Presbyterian Church building, which is now known as Old Brick Church

Letter from church leadership to members who purchased church fixtures regarding a request to sell those fixtures to Old Brick Associates, who had purchased the church building

Bid from Gordon Russell Inc. to demolish church building
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