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Little Village June 2009 Civil Rights timeline.png
The June 2009 issue of Iowa City's arts and culture magazine, Little Village, celebrated Pride month by covering LGBTQ+ lives affected by the then-recent Iowa Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Among these features was a Iowa Civil…
Rick Archbold, author of Last Dinner on the Titanic, with Borden Stevens, niece of a Titanic survivor
Attendee dressed as a steerage passenger
Mary Gantz, co-chair of event planning
Dwight and Melinda Seegmiller (right) and friends arrive at the 1987 Silver Century "speakeasy" gala.
John Hasse plays "Ragtime and all that Jazz" and the 1987 Silver Century gala.
Wally (Plahutnik) the Wine Guy and Jay Stein smuggle wine into the 1987 Silver Century "speakeasy" gala.
George and Marguerite Penick (left) and friends arrive at the 1987 Silver Century "speakeasy" gala.
Ann Feddersen arrives at the Silver Century Gala.
Anne Feddersen (left), Beth Daly (center) and Michael Cavitt arriv at the 1987 Silver Centy "speakeasy" gala.
John and Ellen Buchanan arrive at the 1987 Silver Century fundraiser "speakeasy" gala.
Gladys Benz at the 1987 "speakeasy" gala

A. Kent Braverman is shown with two leaves that will be added to the ICPL Foundation's Centennial Endowment Donor Tree. One leaf, to be placed on the original tree is in memory of Kent's father Aaron Braverman; the second leaf will be the first leaf…
Photograph featuring Ellen & John Buchanan, long time major contributors to the Iowa City Public Library. In 1993, their pledge of a deferred gift of $525,000 was used as a challenge grant to help kickoff the"Funding the Future" campaign.
Photograph of Marv Hartwig (1924-2008), a long time major supporter of the Iowa City Public Library.

Noon Rotary members shown with summer reading kits donated by the Club. Left to right clockwise: Sara McCarty; Debb Green, Children's Services Coordinator; Debbie Sales, Director of Development; Erin Brandt; Dick Hyman and Bob Sierk, Rotary.
Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation celebrate merger with a new Donor Wall. Marv Hartwig, President, Dave Johansen, treasurer, Kent Swaim, Library Trustee President, and Deborah Sales, Director of Development are shown with the new cumulative…
Photograph features Library Director Lolly Eggers
Photograph features a recognition tree made of donor plaques. To be recognized on a leaf on the tree, individuals or service organizations contribute $1,000 and businesses $2,000 to the endowment fund. The boulders under the tree recognize gifts of…
Photograph features Deborah Sales, Director of Development, Debb Green, Coordinator of Children Services accepting gifts to the Children's Video Collection.
Irving Weber, Bob Woodburn, President of the Iowa City Host Noon Lions Club and Deborah Sales, Director of Development are shown looking at some of the recently purchased items from earnings of the Irving Weber/Lions Club Fund.
Deborah Sales, Director of Development, Marty Maiers, President, Old Capitol Kiwanis Club and Debb Green, Coordinator of Children's Services are shown with puppets and books that will be used to comprise storytelling kits recently purchased by the…

Photo from Iowa City Halloween celebration
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