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Little Village June 2009 Civil Rights timeline.png
The June 2009 issue of Iowa City's arts and culture magazine, Little Village, celebrated Pride month by covering LGBTQ+ lives affected by the then-recent Iowa Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Among these features was a Iowa Civil…

A Day in the Life.jpg
What happens at the Iowa City Public Library in just one day? Here are some numbers: 3406 items were checked out, 437 people came through the gates the first hour open, and 81 reference questions were answered at the Info Desk.
Held on June 27, 2014, Library Links raised more than $10,000 to support the work of the Iowa City Public Library.

Thanks a Million Banner.jpg
Thanks a Million! The Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation has contributed more than $1,000,000 to enhance library services since 2010.

The is the logo for the 25th anniversary of the Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation.

From the Foreward: In 1986, the Iowa City Public Library Foundation followed in the footsteps of the founders of the Iowa City Public Library who originally raised the funds necessary for our Library. Realizing the importance of our free public…

Text on the front of the postcard reads, "Plum Grove, Historic Home of Robert Lucas/First Governor, Territory of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa." The caption on the back repeats the text of the front.

The caption on the back of the postcard reads, "Mercy Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa." The number on the bottom right-hand corner of the back of the postcard reads C22640.

The caption on the back of the postcard reads, "Clinton Street, Iowa City, Iowa, Home of the University of Iowa." Business signs shown include Moose, Woolworth's, the Deadwood, Iowa State Bank & Trust Company, Number on bottom left-hand corner reads…

Photo from Iowa City Halloween celebration
1987 Silver Century Fundraising Gala invitation

Part One: Love Potion. The year is 1895, and love comes to the carnival. Sideshow barker William Deerfoot married his snake charmer sweet-heart Frances Jackett. For eighteen years, they hitched their wagons together
Brothers and sisters! It is time once again to visit that dark pit of crimes historical and transgressions allegorical; to trespass back in time to uncover the original (and the not so original) sins of Iowa's forefather's and mothers. Can I get an…

Specifications for the construction of the spire of the North Presbyterian Church of Iowa City

Letter from A.B. Walker to Rev. Robert Reed regarding property that was deeded to the church

Notice to appear and petition seeking to block demolition of First Presbyterian Church building, which is now known as Old Brick Church

Letter from church leadership to members who purchased church fixtures regarding a request to sell those fixtures to Old Brick Associates, who had purchased the church building

Bid from Gordon Russell Inc. to demolish church building
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