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Hotel reservations for workers to install the new organ at First United Methodist Church.
First United Methodist Church 160th Anniversary Commissioned Anthem music booklet.
Press Release from First United Methodist Church announcing the commission of an anthem to commemorate the church's 160th anniversary.
"Celebrating Together for Tomorrow" booklet created to celebrate the installation of a new organ at the First United Methodist Church of Iowa City.
For Sale notice for 1942 Kilgen Pipe Organ
Letter from The Holtkamp Organ Company Marcia Welch confirming the contract was received.
Letter from Marcia Welch to The Holtkamp Organ Company regarding upcoming congregational vote on purchasing a new organ.
Specifications and prices for a new organ from The Holtkamp Organ Company
Notes from the organ committee regarding dates and costs for the organ installationand repairs.
Historical statement detailing the process of aquiring an organ at the First Methodist Church of Iowa City
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