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Hotel reservations for workers to install the new organ at First United Methodist Church.

Cartoon drawing of the controversy over the Rev. Michael Hummer and the Bell. The attached PDF contains the transcribed text of the cartoon's panels. The text document is likely from the 1940s, while the cartoon may have been contemporary to the bell…

Typed version of Hummer's Bell, written by W.H. Tuttle.

1940s New Year's Day Recalls 3 Bells of Olden Times

Pamphlet. "Compliments of Hotel Jefferson." Scan of a photocopy of an original. Undated.

Specifications for the construction of the spire of the North Presbyterian Church of Iowa City

A pamphlet created for the centennial celebration of the First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City. Pamphlet describes the founding and history of the church.

A program created for the church’s centennial celebration in 1940.

Letter from HA Walker of the Austin Organ Company to Henry Fisk regarding special features and attributes of Austin Organs, to persuade Mr. Fisk to purchase one for the church.

Little Village June 2009 Civil Rights timeline.png
The June 2009 issue of Iowa City's arts and culture magazine, Little Village, celebrated Pride month by covering LGBTQ+ lives affected by the then-recent Iowa Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Among these features was a Iowa Civil…

Letter from P.E. Nielsen of the Austin Organ Company to Henry Fisk regarding the proposal for organ installation at the church.

Letter from Rev. Harmon Johnson of the Synod of Illinois to Rev. Harvey Mullan of the Rushville Presbytery, inquiring as to whether they might have any of records that are missing from the Church in Iowa City. At its founding, the Church was part of…
Letter from Max Hess, chief engineer of the Kilgen Organ Company to Earl E. Harper detailing plans to install organ.

Letters written by Jacob Van der Zee--to the Office of the General Assembly in Philadelphia, and Rev. Harmon Johnson of the Synod of Illinois--inquiring about early records from the Church.

Contract to remove pipe organ from church

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Letter from The Holtkamp Organ Company Marcia Welch confirming the contract was received.

Letter from J. Kirkwood Craig to Jacob Van der Zee, which accompanied a photography of John Shoup.
Letter from Henry W. Matlack of Grinnell, IA to Mrs. Pearl H. Cross regarding costs for organ repairs.

Letter from H.S. (Sherman) McCready to Jacob Van der Zee, relating details about the deaths of his father and grandfather, James McCready and James M. McCready.

Letter from Jacob Van der Zee to Sherman McCready, asking for information about James McCready and James M. McCready, both founding members of the Church.
Letter from A.M. McLeod to H.A. Chakoski of The American Seating Company regarding the details of the order. Includes symbols for panels.
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