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Herbert Hoover Historic Site mascot, West Branch

Business pictured: Campus Stores, 17 West College Street.
Businesses featured: Lorenz, Green Cross, Bremers,
Businesses featured: Dotty Dunn Hats, Rosheks, Moose, Iowa State Bank & Trust Company. There appear to be Christmas decorations on a building and street lamp.
Donnelly’s famous tavern, a hangout for the Writer’s Workshop crowd, is to the north.
Businesses featured: The Ebony, Salvation Army, Betty's Flower Shop, Red Carpet Travel Service, Dunton Insurance, Donnelly's, Best Steakhouse, Baskin Robbins
Large white house on Fairchild and Dubuque Streets
Unknown address in Iowa City. Has a turret.

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530 Ronalds Street, Iowa City. Tan, two-story home.

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East Court Street, 300-Block, near Linn Street intersection.
Businesses featured: Astro, Stillwell's, Continental Mortgage Investment Company, Iowa City Typewriter, Fuiks Jewelers, Barbara's Bake Shop
Businesses featured: Old Capitol Apartments, Swails Frigidaire. "Bull" Durham ad.
Parked cars, building materials. Old Capitol in the background.
Side view of large white two-story house
Front view of large white two-story house
Front view of the Koza-Saint Wenceslaus House on 618 E Davenport Street, with an addition to the side.
Future site of parking ramp downtown. Businesses pictured on South Dubuque Street 100-Block: J.C. Penney's, Iowa movie theatre, Piper's Candies, Blackstone Beauty Salon. Slide printed March 1972.
Alley Downtown, slide printed March 1972
Behind view of buildings being demolished during the urban renewal project in Iowa City. Future site of Old Capitol Mall.
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