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Front row left to right: Jimmy Foster, Larry Kier, Linda Hicks, Karen Rogers, Carol Briskey, Michael Allison. Middle row: David Gibbs, Kay Sheahan, Walter Morano, Nancy Shera, Larry Kelsey, Rickey Eckhoff, Jimmy O'Meara, Jimmy Moyer. Back row:…
Front row: Jim Moore, Dick Hartsack, Donald Eraim, Ron Rogers, Alvon Huntzinger, Alvin Niswander. Middle row: Marianne Conklin, Colleen (?) Moore, Jackie Potter, Beverly Shalla, [unknown], Don Skriver, Jim Bryant, Lucille Burkett, Shirley Ewalt,…
"Play ball! Ethel Jaynes and the boys."--Back of photograph
Left to right: Robert Whitney, Roger Fairchild, Butch Hotchstedler, a visitor (cousin of Butch Hotchstedler), Nancy Clemence, Francis Cox.

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Kirkwood School was located on Kirkwood Avenue, Iowa City.
Mary and Camilla Sunier in front of the school. They lived on Dubuque Street in North Iowa City.
Rena Sporleder (in plaid dress--3rd row up, second from right), daughter of Henry Sporleder, 1/3 owner of the steamship the "Iowa City" and later a grocer.
Students in photo: Billie Blaka, Betty Conklin, Betty Mae Potter, Maxine Conklin, Charlie Smith, Bonnie Blaka, Gwen Potter, Joe Blaka, Helen Blaka.
Front row left to right: Billie Blaka, Gwen Potter, Bonnie Blaka. Second row: Helen Blaka, Betty Conklin. Third row: Betty Potter, Glen Cakes, Aleda Potter. Fourth row: Maxine Conklin, Ray Cakes, Joe Blaka, Ray Smith.
Front row left to right: Lois Breese, Betty Potter, Alida Potter. Second row: Sylvester Merzil, Alton Ashlot, Mildred Neuzil, Ida Breese. Third row: Marie Neuzil, Ida Breese. Back row: Mary Breese, Marjorie Breese, Lyle Ashlot, Merle Breese.
Back row: Bob Towner (twin)-1st on left, Robert Merriam-5th from left, Dale Hughes-on right end. Front row: Helen Hein-3rd from left, Bette Towner (twin)-6th from left, Theo Hazard-7th from left, Louis Eichler-8th from left, Paul Ware-9th from left,…
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