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Text on the front of the postcard reads, "Plum Grove, Historic Home of Robert Lucas/First Governor, Territory of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa." The caption on the back repeats the text of the front.
Film negative of organ
Photo of organ
Photo postcard of Methodist Episcopal Church in Iowa City
Hotel reservations for workers to install the new organ at First United Methodist Church.

Cartoon drawing of the controversy over the Rev. Michael Hummer and the Bell. The attached PDF contains the transcribed text of the cartoon's panels. The text document is likely from the 1940s, while the cartoon may have been contemporary to the bell…

Typed version of Hummer's Bell, written by W.H. Tuttle.

1940s New Year's Day Recalls 3 Bells of Olden Times
Front row left to right: Billie Blaka, Gwen Potter, Bonnie Blaka. Second row: Helen Blaka, Betty Conklin. Third row: Betty Potter, Glen Cakes, Aleda Potter. Fourth row: Maxine Conklin, Ray Cakes, Joe Blaka, Ray Smith.
Rena Sporleder (in plaid dress--3rd row up, second from right), daughter of Henry Sporleder, 1/3 owner of the steamship the "Iowa City" and later a grocer.
Near Joetown, Iowa, 1950s. This school was moved to Ivan Wagner's farm, but after their house burned in the 1980s, somebody else acquired the school. Ivan Wagner also sold the bell on the top of the school.

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Mary and Camilla Sunier in front of the school. They lived on Dubuque Street in North Iowa City.
Kirkwood School was located on Kirkwood Avenue, Iowa City.
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