Iowa City Public Library DHP



The Digital History Project is the home of the Iowa City Public Library's digitized collections showcasing historic Iowa City and Johnson County.


Iowa City Public Library

The Iowa City Public Library has an institutional imperative to preserve local history and cultural heritage. The library has contributed to digital preservation projects in the past, but the Digital History Project launches its efforts to maintain and sustain an online archive accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a browser. Beyond staff time and work space, the library is contributing expertise in identifying fragile and historically important collections for digital preservation. It is also investing in internships for graduate students to explore digital preservation in a local history focused, public library setting.

Iowa City Host Noon Lions Club

The Iowa City Host Noon Lions Club gave a very generous donation to help launch the Iowa City Public Library Digital Heritage initiative. The grant from the Iowa City Noon Lions Club purchased preservation-quality digitization equipment.

The Iowa City Public Library and the Noon Lions Club are long-time partners on local history initiatives including the annual Irving B. Weber Days. Mr. Weber was a member of the Noon Lions Club and columnist for the Iowa City Press-Citizen whose work detailing the histories of the city’s founders, buildings, homes, and residents were compiled into nine volumes by the Noon Lions Club. Those books are now available to all through the Iowa Digital Library’s Irving Weber's Iowa City collection.

Johnson County Historical Society

The Johnson County Historical Society is a private, non-profit group committed to serving the public by furthering an appreciation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Johnson County community through education, preservation and interpretation. The JCHS Museum is home to the society's more than 10,000 historic artifacts that portray the diverse and vibrant heritage of the county, from the Meskwaki to early settlers to contemporary times. JCHS also manages four sites that portray a piece of Johnson County History: The 1876 Coralville Schoolhouse, the Plum Grove Historic Home, the Iowa River Gazebo, and the Johnson County Poor Farm and Asylum.