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Aerial view of downtown Iowa City. Identified buildings include old City Hall building, demolished in 1962. First postcard sent from Lida and Mrs. McWilliams to Mrs. A.B. Thompson, postmarked November 1, 1915, George Washington 1-cent stamp. …
W.P. Hohenschuh's Mortuary was located at 13 South Linn Street, currently occupied by the Iowa City Yacht Club. Postcard sent from Carl Zetterwall to Alta B. Vaughn, postmarked November 15, 1937. Ben Franklin 1-cent stamp.
The Jefferson Building is located at 129 East Washington Street. It was built in 1913. In 1928, after this image was made, an additional two stories were built onto this building. The first postcard was sent from Katherine Jane to Louie J. Herman,…
Yetter's was a local department store located at 115 & 117 East Washington Street, downtown Iowa City. It closed in the 1950s. First postcard sent to Eva Weimer, postmarked September 26, 1921, George Washington 1-cent stamp. Second postcard sent…
The location of the Johnson County Savings Bank at the time of this postcard was at 102 South Clinton Street, on the southeast corner of Clinton and Washington Streets.
The First National Bank in Iowa City was located at 202 East Washington Street.
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