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Brothers and sisters! It is time once again to visit that dark pit of crimes historical and transgressions allegorical; to trespass back in time to uncover the original (and the not so original) sins of Iowa's forefather's and mothers. Can I get an…
Film negative of organ
Photo of organ
Photo postcard of Methodist Episcopal Church in Iowa City
Close up of the damaged roof of the Johnson County Courthouse after the2006 F2 tornado.
A severely damaged building next to the Johnson County Courthouse after the 2006 F2 tornado.
Caution tape surrounds the Johnson County Courthouse after the 2006 F2 tornado.
Johnson County Courthouse with roof damage after the 2006 F2 tornado.
The tornado tore off the roof over my walk-in closet. Interestingly, all of my earrings are hanging perfectly. My clothes, which you don
Post tornado humor. Here, a doormat referencing the "Ding dong, the witch is dead" song from The Wizard of Oz is placed near tornado damage.
Another neighbor's garage collapsed, and some post tornado humor.
Neighbors' concrete block garage collapsed into the yard and alley. The Russells think that this is the point that the tornado set down again after damaging Iowa Avenue.
So sad! This cardinal is in shock
Fence flattened by flying debris
More debris. Neighbors' concrete block garage collapsed.
The tornado went down the alley. Debris everywhere, neighbors out checking on each other.
Three walls and roof of the garage gone. Garage door was sucked around our car.
Two-thirds of the roof's ridge beam snapped off. All of the front dormer roof blew away. View of damage to the roof from back of house. Half of back roof completely gone, the other half is askew. Rip Russell on phone with the insurance company,…
Easter decorations adorn a window. The F2 tornado struck on Holy Thursday.
The destruction at the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House produced some of the most iconic imagery demonstrating the destructiveness of the tornado. The images of the bunk beds shown clearly, after a wall had been torn clean off, inspired many to call it…
Henry Hartwig founded this automobile dealer in 1910 in Clutier, Iowa. He relocated the business to Iowa City's Riverside Drive in 1961. The family sold the business to Deery Brothers in 2007. The location of Hartwig Motors falls within the 500-year…
Dairy Queen at 526 South Riverside Drive experienced heavy damage from 2006 the tornado.
Little red plastic spoons from Dairy Queen kept popping up around town.
A car landed in Ralston Creek, near Governor Street. Someone jokingly put a "for sale" sign in the window.
"Dorothy," the tornado sculpture at the Dubuque Street entrance of the pedestrian mall, was not damaged by the storm. The sculpture was created by Justine Zimmer.
The 155-mph winds bent this rain gutter around the trunk of this small tree.
Pink insulation litters the street.
Many automobiles were damaged or destroyed in the storm, including this truck that was crushed by bricks.
This Iowa City home has been standing for more than 100 years. The F2 storm did not succeed in demolishing it.
Houses and buildings were severely damaged along Iowa Avenue. Large trees, downed power lines, and other debris littered the ground.
The Red Cross offered disaster relief services after the storm.
Piles of downed trees and other debris line Iowa Avenue.
Many people took photos of these apartments, battered by the storm.
Hotz Street was hit particularly hard by the storm. Many houses, cars, and trees were damaged or destroyed.
A detached garage suffers complete wreckage near Hotz Avenue.
Power lines, trees, and other debris create a barricade on South Governor Street.
The F2 tornado caused the Gilbert Street Happy Joe's to shut down permanently. A Quad City Times article from 2007 reported the owner, John Danneman, ran his business at 102 2nd Street Coralville, the pizza parlour's current home. That article also…
A National Guardsman directs traffic as people try to resume their normal routines.
Traffic circle at Washington and Summit streets. Downed power lines explain the blackout.
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