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A severely damaged building next to the Johnson County Courthouse after the 2006 F2 tornado.
Henry Hartwig founded this automobile dealer in 1910 in Clutier, Iowa. He relocated the business to Iowa City's Riverside Drive in 1961. The family sold the business to Deery Brothers in 2007. The location of Hartwig Motors falls within the 500-year…
Dairy Queen at 526 South Riverside Drive experienced heavy damage from 2006 the tornado.
"Dorothy," the tornado sculpture at the Dubuque Street entrance of the pedestrian mall, was not damaged by the storm. The sculpture was created by Justine Zimmer.
The 155-mph winds bent this rain gutter around the trunk of this small tree.
Houses and buildings were severely damaged along Iowa Avenue. Large trees, downed power lines, and other debris littered the ground.
Power lines, trees, and other debris create a barricade on South Governor Street.
The F2 tornado caused the Gilbert Street Happy Joe's to shut down permanently. A Quad City Times article from 2007 reported the owner, John Danneman, ran his business at 102 2nd Street Coralville, the pizza parlour's current home. That article also…
Traffic circle at Washington and Summit streets. Downed power lines explain the blackout.
Savation Army truck, downed power lines, uprooted trees
North Dodge Street littered with debris and fallen powerline after 2006 F2 tornado.
House at 706 E. College Street damaged by the 2006 F2 tornado.
Burlington Street Bridge looking East after the 2006 F2 tornado.
Burlington Street looking East after the 2006 F2 tornado.
Businesses along the 300 Block of Burlington Street, damaged from the 2006 F2 tornado.
A fallen wall between two buildings on Burlington Street after the 2006 F2 tornado.
Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center damaged after the 2006 F2 tornado.
Mailboxes of Iowa City and other businesses damaged from the 2006 F2 tornado.
Project Number Iowa R-14. Plan dated June 1987.
Paris Cleaners, Easyplace, Joe's Place. Dated July 1995.
Original Iowa City Post Office building. Current site of the Senior Center building. Slide printed April 1965.
Iowa City Catholic Grade School, formerly Saint Patrick's Parochial School, on the right. Slide printed August 1972.
Future site of downtown Pedestrian Mall. J.C. Penney's building, Carnegie Library, parking lot.
Iowa Avenue, east from the Old Capitol steps. Slide printed March 1972.
Old Capitol and blue mural in the background.
Future site of parking ramp downtown. Businesses pictured on South Dubuque Street 100-Block: J.C. Penney's, Iowa movie theatre, Piper's Candies, Blackstone Beauty Salon. Slide printed March 1972.
Building construction. Seiferts, the Airliner, Allen's. Slide printed April 1972.
During Urban renewal. Slide printed March 1972.
Temporary building constructed on South Clinton Street during Urban Renewal. Slide printed July 1973.
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