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Receipt for carpet, $480.75


Sr. Murray, Sir in compliance with your request I enclose to your address in substance a copy of my brother’s letter __________ to the __ Bell. From the indifference manifested through Mr. Sharp, I concluded that I could be of no service to the…


Property description for 530 Ferson Ave.

Receipt for hardware from J.P. Sanxay


A receipt for bricks for building the First Presbyterian Church

Letter from University of Iowa President Willard (Sandy) Boyd to members of First Presbyterian Church regarding the University potentially purchasing the church building

Letter from church leadership to University of Iowa President Willard (Sandy) Boyd regarding the sale of the church building

Letter from University of Iowa President Willard (Sandy) Boyd to church leadership, offering to purchase church building

Proposal for creating The World Friendship Center

Sheriff’s Certificate, describing Sheriff Edmund Harrison’s posting of a specific lot of land for sale (block 86, lot 8, the northwest corner of Market St. and Clinton St.) in November, 1859. An added portion, written by N. Oakes and dated August 9,…

“Received in good order from E Cooke four (4) boxes stained glass” Receipt for stained glass sent from Chicago.

Bill deliverance for windows for $746.50 (could be $146.50). U.S. Express collect bill and return Chicago in greenbacks or national currency. Express charge $2.00 = $748.50. Received payment, R.A. McCheesney.” Receipt for payment of stained glass…

“Received Iowa City, February 13, 1865 of H. Murray, one hundred dollars being balance of payment for building church cornice [Finkbine Lovelace?]"

Sermon from dedication of First Presbyterian Church

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Letter from A.B. Walker to Rev. Robert Reed regarding property that was deeded to the church

Part One: Love Potion. The year is 1895, and love comes to the carnival. Sideshow barker William Deerfoot married his snake charmer sweet-heart Frances Jackett. For eighteen years, they hitched their wagons together

A list of people who pledged to pay money for a bell for the North Presbyterian Church. The North Presbyterian Church was the First Presbyterian Church, and was located where Old Brick is. The church building that stood in 1855 was destroyed by fire…

A list of people who pledged to pay money for a bell for the North Presbyterian Church. The North Presbyterian Church was the First Presbyterian Church, and was located where Old Brick is. The church building that stood in 1855 was destroyed by fire…

George Gibbs, writing as Secretary to the President of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, responds to a previous letter from Walter Davis inquiring about the possibility of the First Presbyterian Church’s missing bell being in possession…

Response by the President and the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church to the Bill of Complaint brought by Rev. Michael Hummer.

Cross Bill filed by the Board of Trustees, in response to Rev. Hummer’s Bill of Complaint against them. The Cross Bill has several questions that the Board compels the Court to have Rev. Hummer address, and also asks the Court to rule against Rev.…

Minutes from March 20, 1923, meeting between Iowa State University Department Presbyterian Board of Education, First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City board, and Sessions of this church

A warranty obligation created by Sheets & Adams, binding them to the Board of Trustees for $1500 (or the cost of damages) if they do not fulfill their contract for the spire. Signed Sheets & Adams; Jos. [illegible]; Mortimer Ryan; R M…

Receipt to apply to contract to build spire for First Presbyterian Church.

Letter from church members to Ned Yoder, Chairman of the Strategy Committee Southeast Iowa Presbytery of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, requesting “cooling off” period in the discussions about tearing down the church…
1987 Silver Century Fundraising Gala invitation

Receipt for payment on contract to build spire at First Presbyterian Church.

List of building fund bond coupons. April 1, 1931 – April 1, 1932

Receipt for funds received for building First Presbyterian Church spire on contract.

A history of the First Presbyterian Church, from 1840-1965, written by Clarence A. Andrews. The booklet covers 125 years of Church history, and includes photos of some of the founding members and pastors of the Church.

Mercy Hospital_McCarthy.pdf
On April 13, 2006, the Continuing After Breast Cancer Support Group held a meeting at Mercy Hospital, 500 East Market Street. Nurse Mary McCarthy shares their story.

Letter from church leadership to members who purchased church fixtures regarding a request to sell those fixtures to Old Brick Associates, who had purchased the church building

Receipt for $600.00 received by Rev. F.A. Shearer, for services as pastor from April 1, 1854 to April 1, 1855.

Letter from Andrew Meneely, President and General Manager of Meneely & Co., about the various stamps the company used on bells previous to 1849. This letter is in response to a previous letter to Meneely & Co, and relates to Rev. Wylie’s search for…

Letter from W.D. Williams, Rector of Trinity Church in Iowa City, to the First Presbyterian Church on occasion of their 70th anniversary.

Specifications for receiving bids to demolish church building

Bid from Gordon Russell Inc. to demolish church building

A copy of the Church’s Land Patent Record. Filed by J. M. Kadlec on May 25, 1923.
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