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Letter from church leadership to members who purchased church fixtures regarding a request to sell those fixtures to Old Brick Associates, who had purchased the church building

Letter from Noel Willis to University of Iowa President Willard Boyd regarding the possibility of selling the church building to the University of Iowa

Letter from custodians about mechanical and facility issues in the church

Letter from Alvin F. Smith to J. Kirkwood Craig, related to Craig's search for information about the Church's missing bell. Smith relates that there are two bells in possession of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, one of which came from…

Letter from J. Kirkwood Craig to A.J. Larew. Craig mentions that he is sending his recollections of the missing Church bell, and also speaks about his grandfather, John Shoup.

A letter from Guy Barnes detailing the McCready family. It mentions James M. McCready and Sarah McCready, who were early members of the Church in Iowa City. It also mentions Almon Barnes, who was ruling elder in the First Presbyterian Church in Scott…

1940 Letter from Guy Barnes to the Church
Letter from Guy L. Barnes detailing some information about the McCready family. It mentions James and Eliza McCready, and Almon and Sarah Barnes, who were all founding members of the First Presbyterian Church in Scott township. Almon Barnes was…

Letter from H.A. Walker of the Austin Organ Company to Henry L. Fisk. The letter relates to the shipment of organ parts to Iowa City, and gives some instructions on what should be done when the parts arrive.

Henry L. Fisk was an architect.

Letter from HA Walker of the Austin Organ Company to Henry Fisk regarding special features and attributes of Austin Organs, to persuade Mr. Fisk to purchase one for the church.

Letter from P.E. Nielsen of the Austin Organ Company to Henry Fisk regarding the proposal for organ installation at the church.

Letter from John Shoup to Rev. Dr. Barrett about the Church's 50th anniversary

Letter from Theodore Sanxay to Rev. Michael Hummer, written during one of Rev. Hummer's trips out east to raise funds for the construction of the Church.

Letter from Theodore Sanxay to Rev. Michael Hummer. The letter is dated June 6, 1844, and is addressed to Rev. Hummer in New York. It speaks of the ongoing construction of the Church and materials for it, so it seems likely that this was during one…
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