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Cartoon drawing of the controversy over the Rev. Michael Hummer and the Bell. The attached PDF contains the transcribed text of the cartoon's panels. The text document is likely from the 1940s, while the cartoon may have been contemporary to the bell…

Typed version of Hummer's Bell, written by W.H. Tuttle.

A re-telling of Craig Schell's account of the Church's missing bell, by J. Kirkwood Craig. Schell's account was from 1911, and Craig is giving an abbreviated version of it in 1941, and adds his own recollections and information to the story.

Letter written by Rev. John Crozier to Rev. Edward Barrett in 1890. In it, Rev. Crozier talks about Rev. Michael Hummer at length, including information about his parents, his education, and his early days as a reverend. Crozier states that Hummer’s…

A request by the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City, to the Treasurer of the Church, stating that Rev. Michael Hummer should be paid $490.00 out of any available Church funds. This request comes after many months of…

A proposed settlement written by Rev. Michael Hummer, given to Rev. John Crozier and sent to the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church with Rev. Crozier’s report. Rev. Hummer asks for $400.00 down and $100.00 within the year, at ten…

Letter written by Rev. Michael Hummer to Rev. John Crozier, detailing a time and place where the two of them can meet. The letter was written in Hamilton, Illinois.

Report by Rev. John Crozier to the Board of Trustees of the Church, detailing his attempts to settle Rev. Michael Hummer’s claim against the Church for unpaid salary. The report was written in Burlington, Iowa, where Rev. Crozier had gone to meet…

Report by Rev. John Crozier to the Board of Trustees of the Church, detailing two monetary claims against the Church. The first claim is held by Rev. Michael Hummer, former pastor of the Church, for $658.00. The second claim is held by Miss Legare,…

Response by the President and the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church to the Bill of Complaint brought by Rev. Michael Hummer.

An expense ledger kept by Rev. Michael Hummer from mid-1845 to 1847. The ledger details the amounts paid for various materials and services related to building a church. Rev. Hummer was the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and had been…

First pages of ledger detail money collected by Rev. Michael Hummer in 1847, for the building of the First Presbyterian Church. Rev. Hummer made two trips out East to raise funds for the Church, and the ledger records the amounts received in…

Letter from Theodore Sanxay to Rev. Michael Hummer, written during one of Rev. Hummer's trips out east to raise funds for the construction of the Church.

Letter from Theodore Sanxay to Rev. Michael Hummer. The letter is dated June 6, 1844, and is addressed to Rev. Hummer in New York. It speaks of the ongoing construction of the Church and materials for it, so it seems likely that this was during one…
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