Iowa City Public Library DHP
First Presbyterian Church

1847 Rev. Michael Hummer’s Church Book, 1845-1847

An expense ledger kept by Rev. Michael Hummer from mid-1845 to 1847. The ledger details the amounts paid for various materials and services related to building a church. Rev. Hummer was the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and had been appointed by the Trustees with securing funds for, and overseeing the building of, the first Church building. Rev. Hummer was pastor from 1841-1848; the Church structure was incomplete at the time of his departure.

The ledger is written in tête-bêche style, i.e., from both covers and contents written from the back are upside down from those written from the front. The first dated page from the front cover is dated May, 1845 and the first page from the back cover is dated June, 1845.


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