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Near Joetown, Iowa, 1950s. This school was moved to Ivan Wagner's farm, but after their house burned in the 1980s, somebody else acquired the school. Ivan Wagner also sold the bell on the top of the school.

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A "homer" hit, pitched by Tim Fairchild.
Left to right: Robert Whitney, Roger Fairchild, Butch Hotchstedler, a visitor (cousin of Butch Hotchstedler), Nancy Clemence, Francis Cox.

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28 inches of snow fell during this blizzard, causing school to be canceled for two days.
"Play ball! Ethel Jaynes and the boys."--Back of photograph
Front row: Jim Moore, Dick Hartsack, Donald Eraim, Ron Rogers, Alvon Huntzinger, Alvin Niswander. Middle row: Marianne Conklin, Colleen (?) Moore, Jackie Potter, Beverly Shalla, [unknown], Don Skriver, Jim Bryant, Lucille Burkett, Shirley Ewalt,…
Front row left to right: Jimmy Foster, Larry Kier, Linda Hicks, Karen Rogers, Carol Briskey, Michael Allison. Middle row: David Gibbs, Kay Sheahan, Walter Morano, Nancy Shera, Larry Kelsey, Rickey Eckhoff, Jimmy O'Meara, Jimmy Moyer. Back row:…
Students in photo: Richie Thompson, Kay Slaymaker, Sonia Hutsheisun, Virginia Kastner, and others.
Front row left to right: Mike Glasgow, Martha Walz, Betty Lou Wade, Dickie McNamara, Sandy Kaye Smock, Betty Cutler, Jimmy Hamby, Linda Knowling. Back row: Linda Nelson, Janie Hartsock, Steve Bichel, Larry Garringer, Butch Lawrence, Sherida Saxton,…
Front row left to right: Jimmy Hamby, Martha Walz, Gary Horrell, Sandy Kaye Smock, Betsy Cutler, Linda Nelson, Mike Glasgow. Middle row: Ray Bender, Suzanne Martin, Steve Bichel, Gary Shera, Butch Lawrence, Diane Canney, Patricia Streed. Back row:…
Front row left to right: Thelma Burkett, [unknown], [unknown], Dougie Streed, Karen Putnam, [unknown], Ruth Horrell, Linda Bryant, John Drew, Dale Sheahan. Middle row: Johnny Cochran, Robbie Gibbs, Robbie Bonfiglio, Vicki Lawrence, Sally Francis,…
Front row left to right: Joe Bowman, Linda Neitderhisar, Janet Sentman, Jeri Bowman, Jeff Bowman. Back row: Barbara Sentman, Judy Bowman, Bernis Neitderhisar, Ruth Ulch (teacher).
Front row left to right: Roger Fairchild, Judy Vicknoy, Richard Lindley, Dennis Briggs, Butch Hotchstedler, Robert Whitney, Kay Slaymaker. Middle row: Francis Cox, Linda Clemence, Wanda Bontrager, Cheryl Potter, Nancy Gough, Gerald Kelly, Nina…
First National Bank is on the northeast corner of this picture. Varsity theater is farther down the street.
John Wilson’s Sporting Goods store, across the street, later moved to the 400 block of East College, then to Eastdale Mall and later to the Sycamore Mall.
Washington Street in the historic Paul-Helen building. The Englert Theatre is at the far left in the last picture.
Bremers store on the 100 block of East Washington Street, downtown.
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