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Back row: Bob Towner (twin)-1st on left, Robert Merriam-5th from left, Dale Hughes-on right end. Front row: Helen Hein-3rd from left, Bette Towner (twin)-6th from left, Theo Hazard-7th from left, Louis Eichler-8th from left, Paul Ware-9th from left,…
Front row left to right: Lois Breese, Betty Potter, Alida Potter. Second row: Sylvester Merzil, Alton Ashlot, Mildred Neuzil, Ida Breese. Third row: Marie Neuzil, Ida Breese. Back row: Mary Breese, Marjorie Breese, Lyle Ashlot, Merle Breese.
Front row left to right: Billie Blaka, Gwen Potter, Bonnie Blaka. Second row: Helen Blaka, Betty Conklin. Third row: Betty Potter, Glen Cakes, Aleda Potter. Fourth row: Maxine Conklin, Ray Cakes, Joe Blaka, Ray Smith.
Students in photo: Billie Blaka, Betty Conklin, Betty Mae Potter, Maxine Conklin, Charlie Smith, Bonnie Blaka, Gwen Potter, Joe Blaka, Helen Blaka.
Rena Sporleder (in plaid dress--3rd row up, second from right), daughter of Henry Sporleder, 1/3 owner of the steamship the "Iowa City" and later a grocer.
Mary and Camilla Sunier in front of the school. They lived on Dubuque Street in North Iowa City.
Kirkwood School was located on Kirkwood Avenue, Iowa City.
Left to right: Robert Whitney, Roger Fairchild, Butch Hotchstedler, a visitor (cousin of Butch Hotchstedler), Nancy Clemence, Francis Cox.

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"Play ball! Ethel Jaynes and the boys."--Back of photograph
Front row: Jim Moore, Dick Hartsack, Donald Eraim, Ron Rogers, Alvon Huntzinger, Alvin Niswander. Middle row: Marianne Conklin, Colleen (?) Moore, Jackie Potter, Beverly Shalla, [unknown], Don Skriver, Jim Bryant, Lucille Burkett, Shirley Ewalt,…
Front row left to right: Jimmy Foster, Larry Kier, Linda Hicks, Karen Rogers, Carol Briskey, Michael Allison. Middle row: David Gibbs, Kay Sheahan, Walter Morano, Nancy Shera, Larry Kelsey, Rickey Eckhoff, Jimmy O'Meara, Jimmy Moyer. Back row:…
Students in photo: Richie Thompson, Kay Slaymaker, Sonia Hutsheisun, Virginia Kastner, and others.
Front row left to right: Mike Glasgow, Martha Walz, Betty Lou Wade, Dickie McNamara, Sandy Kaye Smock, Betty Cutler, Jimmy Hamby, Linda Knowling. Back row: Linda Nelson, Janie Hartsock, Steve Bichel, Larry Garringer, Butch Lawrence, Sherida Saxton,…
Front row left to right: Jimmy Hamby, Martha Walz, Gary Horrell, Sandy Kaye Smock, Betsy Cutler, Linda Nelson, Mike Glasgow. Middle row: Ray Bender, Suzanne Martin, Steve Bichel, Gary Shera, Butch Lawrence, Diane Canney, Patricia Streed. Back row:…
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