Iowa City Public Library DHP

Hickory Hill Park Fall Nature Guide

Detailed descriptions of various flora and fauna to be seen during a walk on the southwest part of the Hickory Hill Park nature trail during the fall season. Flora and fauna mentioned: Virginia Creeper, Poison Ivy, Yellow Shafted Flicker, White Oak, Eastern Chipmunk, American Filbert, Boneset, Yellow Nutsedge, Prairie Vole, Downy Brome. Illustrations and bibliography included. Due to the changes occuring in Hickory Hill Park in the years since, this resource may not accurately represent what's there today. Booklet printed with black ink on 8.5x14" dark cream paper and thick brown paper covers.


Lacina, Dianne E.; Quade, Deb; , “Hickory Hill Park Fall Nature Guide,” Iowa City Public Library DHP, accessed December 1, 2023,