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Hotel reservations for workers to install the new organ at First United Methodist Church.
First United Methodist Church 160th Anniversary Commissioned Anthem music booklet.
"Celebrating Together for Tomorrow" booklet created to celebrate the installation of a new organ at the First United Methodist Church of Iowa City.
For Sale notice for 1942 Kilgen Pipe Organ
Specifications and prices for a new organ from The Holtkamp Organ Company
Notes from the organ committee regarding dates and costs for the organ installationand repairs.
Historical statement detailing the process of aquiring an organ at the First Methodist Church of Iowa City
Plans for proposed chamber modifications at First Methodist Church

Specifications for the construction of the spire of the North Presbyterian Church of Iowa City

“Received Iowa City, February 13, 1865 of H. Murray, one hundred dollars being balance of payment for building church cornice [Finkbine Lovelace?]"

A sermon on the history of the First Presbyterian Church. The sermon references Psalm 77:11-15 and I Peter 2:9-10.


Property description for 530 Ferson Ave.

A program from the FPC organ dedication and recital events


Contract to remove pipe organ from church

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Letter from Rev. Harmon Johnson of the Synod of Illinois to Rev. Harvey Mullan of the Rushville Presbytery, inquiring as to whether they might have any of records that are missing from the Church in Iowa City. At its founding, the Church was part of…

1940s New Year's Day Recalls 3 Bells of Olden Times

1940 Letter from Guy Barnes to the Church
Letter from Guy L. Barnes detailing some information about the McCready family. It mentions James and Eliza McCready, and Almon and Sarah Barnes, who were all founding members of the First Presbyterian Church in Scott township. Almon Barnes was…

1873 Sunday School Attendance record book

Ledger detailing the amounts pledged by Church members for a new bell during the years 1869-1871.

Booklet recording the cost of and rentals paid by Church members for specific pews.

Ledger detailing amounts paid for specific pews in the First Presbyterian Church during 1868-1869.

A letter formally stating the resignation of the Board of Trustees.

A list of people who pledged to pay money for a bell for the North Presbyterian Church. The North Presbyterian Church was the First Presbyterian Church, and was located where Old Brick is. The church building that stood in 1855 was destroyed by fire…

A list of people who pledged to pay money for a bell for the North Presbyterian Church. The North Presbyterian Church was the First Presbyterian Church, and was located where Old Brick is. The church building that stood in 1855 was destroyed by fire…

Pamphlet. "Compliments of Hotel Jefferson." Scan of a photocopy of an original. Undated.
Detailed descriptions of wild flowers common to Hickory Hill Park. Booklet printed with black ink on 8.5x11" multicolored paper. Includes glossary of terms. Flowers include: Poison Ivy, Jack-In-the-Pulpit, Common Sorrell, Garden Sorrel, Stinging…
"A collection of well tested recipes contributed by the Ladies of Iowa City and Vicinity"

Cartoon drawing of the controversy over the Rev. Michael Hummer and the Bell. The attached PDF contains the transcribed text of the cartoon's panels. The text document is likely from the 1940s, while the cartoon may have been contemporary to the bell…

A letter to Meneely & Co., possibly written by Rev. D. W. Wylie. The letter is in response to a previous letter from Andrew Meneely, and relates to Rev. Wylie’s search for information about the Church’s missing bell. It mentions a bell that is…

Part One: Love Potion. The year is 1895, and love comes to the carnival. Sideshow barker William Deerfoot married his snake charmer sweet-heart Frances Jackett. For eighteen years, they hitched their wagons together

Letter from Noel Willis to University of Iowa President Willard Boyd regarding the possibility of selling the church building to the University of Iowa

Letter from W.D. Williams, Rector of Trinity Church in Iowa City, to the First Presbyterian Church on occasion of their 70th anniversary.
Telegram from Sam Whiteside Jr. of the American Seating Company to Mr. McLeod regarding a postponed meeting.

Letter from West Music Co. in Iowa City, to Rev. Zerwas at the Church. West Music is the representative of the Allen Organ Co., and states that they make the finest electrical organ in the field.
Press Release from First United Methodist Church announcing the commission of an anthem to commemorate the church's 160th anniversary.
Letter from Marcia Welch to The Holtkamp Organ Company regarding upcoming congregational vote on purchasing a new organ.

Letter from H.A. Walker of the Austin Organ Company to Henry L. Fisk. The letter relates to the shipment of organ parts to Iowa City, and gives some instructions on what should be done when the parts arrive.

Henry L. Fisk was an architect.

Letter from HA Walker of the Austin Organ Company to Henry Fisk regarding special features and attributes of Austin Organs, to persuade Mr. Fisk to purchase one for the church.

Letter from A.B. Walker to Rev. Robert Reed regarding property that was deeded to the church

Letter from custodians about mechanical and facility issues in the church
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