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Rev. J.P. Schell writes to Rev. D. W. Wylie about the Church’s missing bell. He states that, in addition to hearing about the bell from other sources, while serving as a missionary in Utah he met Brigham Young’s brother George, and that George Young…

Rev. John Crozier (August 27, 1822-December 23, 1891) was pastor at First Presbyterian Church from May-August, 1853. During his short tenure he met several times with Rev. Michael Hummer to discuss the stolen Church bell and Rev. Hummer’s claims for…

Letter from West Music Co. in Iowa City, to Rev. Zerwas at the Church. West Music is the representative of the Allen Organ Co., and states that they make the finest electrical organ in the field.

Service booklet from June 24, 1956. Back page has historical notes.

Memorandum of Agreement between First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City and the Austin Organ Company for the purchase and installation of a new Austin Organ, 1934.


Letter from Lutheran Campus Ministry to First Presbyterian Church leadership regarding their offer to purchase church building

Notice to appear and petition seeking to block demolition of First Presbyterian Church building, which is now known as Old Brick Church

Letter from custodians about mechanical and facility issues in the church

Constitution of the First Presbyterian Church.

Newspaper article from the August 2, 1988, issue of the Des Moines Register.The article discusses removing pipe organ from the Old Brick Church. Contact ICPL for access to article.


“$120. By the 1st June 1869 I promise to pay the trustees of the (north) Presbyterian Church. One hundred and twenty dollars for [unreadable…] after maturity. For pew #14. Joseph Barker. August 14, 1868”

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A letter formally stating the resignation of the Board of Trustees.

Receipt to apply to contract to build spire at First Presbyterian Church.

A receipt for payment to apply to the contract to build cornice at the First Presbyterian Church

A memorandum that details the shipping of organ parts from the Austin Organ Company in Hartford, CT to the Church in Iowa City. There were 82 packages weighing 14,365 pounds. The memorandum lists the train route used and the number of the train car…

Handwritten note detailing the amount of money to be paid for a section of a particular pew in the North (First) Presbyterian Church during the year 1869. Signed by Alfred Stevens.

Internal Revenue 5 cent certificate stamp, hand canceled with Aug…

Handwritten contract between Sheets and Adams carpenters and the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church for a new spire. The contract details the amount to be paid and the conditions under which the spire will be built. Signed: Rush…

Letter from H.A. Walker of the Austin Organ Company to Henry L. Fisk. The letter relates to the shipment of organ parts to Iowa City, and gives some instructions on what should be done when the parts arrive.

Henry L. Fisk was an architect.

Receipt to apply on contract for building spire at First Presbyterian Church.

A re-telling of Craig Schell's account of the Church's missing bell, by J. Kirkwood Craig. Schell's account was from 1911, and Craig is giving an abbreviated version of it in 1941, and adds his own recollections and information to the story.

Letter from J. Kirkwood Craig to A.J. Larew. Craig mentions that he is sending his recollections of the missing Church bell, and also speaks about his grandfather, John Shoup.

Receipt to apply on contract for building First Presbyterian Church spire.

Receipt for payment for extra brick work and labor for building First Presbyterian Church.

A receipt to apply on the contract for building cornice on the north end of the First Presbyterian Church.

Letter from John Shoup to Rev. Dr. Barrett about the Church's 50th anniversary

Receipt for contract on building spire for First Presbyterian Church..

Receipt for $905.85, received by Rev. Oliver O. McClean, for services to the the First Presbyterian Church from June 1, 1859 to May 31, 1860. Rev. McClean was elected to fill the position in April, 1859, and started his duties in October. He remained…

A letter written by Rev. Oliver O. McClean (to the then-current pastor Rev. Edward Barrett?) sending his regrets that he could not attend the First Presbyterian Church’s 50th anniversary Jubilee. The letter was written in Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

Letter from University of Iowa President Willard Boyd to Lyle Duncan about whether the University wished to purchase the church building

Letter written by Rev. Michael Hummer to Rev. John Crozier, detailing a time and place where the two of them can meet. The letter was written in Hamilton, Illinois.

Contract payment receipt for building spire of First Presbyterian Church

Letter written by Rev. John Crozier to Rev. Edward Barrett in 1890. In it, Rev. Crozier talks about Rev. Michael Hummer at length, including information about his parents, his education, and his early days as a reverend. Crozier states that Hummer’s…

Report by Rev. John Crozier to the Board of Trustees of the Church, detailing two monetary claims against the Church. The first claim is held by Rev. Michael Hummer, former pastor of the Church, for $658.00. The second claim is held by Miss Legare,…

Receipt for payment on contract for building spire at First Presbyterian Church.
Notes from the organ committee regarding dates and costs for the organ installationand repairs.

Letter from J. Kirkwood Craig to Jacob Van der Zee, which he sent along with letters from John Taylor and Alvin Smith from Salt Lake City.
Letter from Marcia Welch to The Holtkamp Organ Company regarding upcoming congregational vote on purchasing a new organ.

A receipt for payment to apply to contract to build a spire for the First Presbyterian Church

Report by Rev. John Crozier to the Board of Trustees of the Church, detailing his attempts to settle Rev. Michael Hummer’s claim against the Church for unpaid salary. The report was written in Burlington, Iowa, where Rev. Crozier had gone to meet…
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