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Letter from church leadership to members who purchased church fixtures regarding a request to sell those fixtures to Old Brick Associates, who had purchased the church building

Document outlining the various bids from organ builders that submitted proposals to the Church for their new organ.

Constitution of the First Presbyterian Church.

Program created for the First Presbyterian Church’s Jubilee Anniversary, which took place September 11-13, 1890. The Church celebrated 50 years of organization with special services and activities. Rev. Edward Barrett was pastor at the time.

A program created for the church’s centennial celebration in 1940.

A pamphlet created for the centennial celebration of the First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City. Pamphlet describes the founding and history of the church.

Service booklet from June 24, 1956. Back page has historical notes.

Litany of dedication for bible markers and a pulpit scarf that were presented as a memorial to Matthew Slemmons. Back cover has historical information about, and a photo of, Mr. Slemmons.

Service booklet from 1956, marking the centennial celebration of the Church building (Old Brick).

Minutes from March 20, 1923, meeting between Iowa State University Department Presbyterian Board of Education, First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City board, and Sessions of this church

List of building fund bond coupons. April 1, 1931 – April 1, 1932

Information and policies for church materials auction

Specifications for receiving bids to demolish church building

Letter from Henry Fisk to Willis Mercer, regarding the completion of the installation of the new organ in the Church. Henry Fisk was an architect involved with the installation, and Willis Mercer was on the Board of Trustees of the Church.

“Received in good order from E Cooke four (4) boxes stained glass” Receipt for stained glass sent from Chicago.

Sr. Murray, Sir in compliance with your request I enclose to your address in substance a copy of my brother’s letter __________ to the __ Bell. From the indifference manifested through Mr. Sharp, I concluded that I could be of no service to the…


Cross Bill filed by the Board of Trustees, in response to Rev. Hummer’s Bill of Complaint against them. The Cross Bill has several questions that the Board compels the Court to have Rev. Hummer address, and also asks the Court to rule against Rev.…

George Gibbs, writing as Secretary to the President of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, responds to a previous letter from Walter Davis inquiring about the possibility of the First Presbyterian Church’s missing bell being in possession…

Sermon from dedication of First Presbyterian Church

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Sheriff’s Certificate, describing Sheriff Edmund Harrison’s posting of a specific lot of land for sale (block 86, lot 8, the northwest corner of Market St. and Clinton St.) in November, 1859. An added portion, written by N. Oakes and dated August 9,…
The Goosetown Tree Walk begins at the Hickory Hill parking lot off of Bloomington Street and ends at the Hickory Hill park trees near Cedar Street. The tour walks along Bloomington, Reno, Center, Davenport, Pleasant, and Cedar Streets. Due to the…
"Some Leaves You May See on a Tree Walk". Pamphlet displays leaf shapes for trees living in the Iowa City area. Pamhplet printed double-sided on 8.5x14" green paper with black ink. Trees include the following: Apricot, Eastern Arborvita, Mountain…
The Longfellow Tree Walk begins at the Longfellow school parking lot, heads west on Seymour, north on Clark, west on Court, south on Summit, east on Sheridan, and back up east on Seymour Street. Due to the changing nature of the neighborhood and…
The North Side Tree Walk begins at North Market Square and walks along Johnson, Ronalds, Van Buren, Church, Linn, Davenport, Dubuque, Bloomington, and Dodge Streets. Due to the changing nature of the neighborhood and other natural occurrences, the…
The Oakland Cemetery Tree Walk begins at the east end of Brown Street, walks along the Governor Street side of the cemetery, turns east when parallel to Church, heads back towards Brown, and turns and curves past past many of the walkways in the…
Letter from Max Hess, chief engineer of the Kilgen Organ Company to Earl E. Harper detailing plans to install organ.
Telegram from The Kilgen Organ company to A.M. McLeod confirming modifications to the design.
Letter from Max Hess, chief engineer of the Kilgen Organ Company to A.M. McLeod regarding changes to the design of the organ chamber.
Letter from The Holtkamp Organ Company Marcia Welch confirming the contract was received.

Response by the President and the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church to the Bill of Complaint brought by Rev. Michael Hummer.

First pages of ledger detail money collected by Rev. Michael Hummer in 1847, for the building of the First Presbyterian Church. Rev. Hummer made two trips out East to raise funds for the Church, and the ledger records the amounts received in…

An expense ledger kept by Rev. Michael Hummer from mid-1845 to 1847. The ledger details the amounts paid for various materials and services related to building a church. Rev. Hummer was the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and had been…

Letter written by Rev. Michael Hummer to Rev. John Crozier, detailing a time and place where the two of them can meet. The letter was written in Hamilton, Illinois.

A proposed settlement written by Rev. Michael Hummer, given to Rev. John Crozier and sent to the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church with Rev. Crozier’s report. Rev. Hummer asks for $400.00 down and $100.00 within the year, at ten…

Minutes from October 14, 1923, joint meeting with all church officers

Minutes from December 9, 1923, meeting with church officers

Minutes from December 16, 1923, meeting with church officers
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