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What happens at the Iowa City Public Library in just one day? Here are some numbers: 3406 items were checked out, 437 people came through the gates the first hour open, and 81 reference questions were answered at the Info Desk.

The caption on the back of the postcard reads, "Mercy Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa." The number on the bottom right-hand corner of the back of the postcard reads C22640.

A re-telling of Craig Schell's account of the Church's missing bell, by J. Kirkwood Craig. Schell's account was from 1911, and Craig is giving an abbreviated version of it in 1941, and adds his own recollections and information to the story.

Letter from J. Kirkwood Craig to A.J. Larew. Craig mentions that he is sending his recollections of the missing Church bell, and also speaks about his grandfather, John Shoup.

Letter from J. Kirkwood Craig to Jacob Van der Zee, detailing some of Craig's efforts to find and identify the missing Church bell.

Jacob Van der Zee was wrote many historical items, including a History of Presbyterianism in Iowa City.

Letter from J. Kirkwood Craig to Jacob Van der Zee, which he sent along with letters from John Taylor and Alvin Smith from Salt Lake City.

Letter from J. Kirkwood Craig to Jacob Van der Zee, which accompanied a photography of John Shoup.
Winds ripped out screen windows and tore down large tree trunks towards the end of the tornado's path.
Patches of pink fluff insulation drape over tree limbs as the F2 tornado winds down. How many miles did this insulation fly? Where did it come from?
People work to clear out the debris from the second floor of this home, where walls and the roof were ripped off.
Ladders: an essential tornado damage inspection tool.
Displaced playground equipment came to a rest at the end of North 7th Avenue.
Many homes had to replace blown-out windows. The lucky ones did this sooner rather than later; a hot and stuffy summer followed.

Report by Rev. John Crozier to the Board of Trustees of the Church, detailing two monetary claims against the Church. The first claim is held by Rev. Michael Hummer, former pastor of the Church, for $658.00. The second claim is held by Miss Legare,…

Report by Rev. John Crozier to the Board of Trustees of the Church, detailing his attempts to settle Rev. Michael Hummer’s claim against the Church for unpaid salary. The report was written in Burlington, Iowa, where Rev. Crozier had gone to meet…

Rev. John Crozier (August 27, 1822-December 23, 1891) was pastor at First Presbyterian Church from May-August, 1853. During his short tenure he met several times with Rev. Michael Hummer to discuss the stolen Church bell and Rev. Hummer’s claims for…

Letter written by Rev. John Crozier to Rev. Edward Barrett in 1890. In it, Rev. Crozier talks about Rev. Michael Hummer at length, including information about his parents, his education, and his early days as a reverend. Crozier states that Hummer’s…
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