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1884, 1885, 1889-1892, 1895: Mayor C.M. Reno


C.M. Reno was mayor of Iowa City from 1884 to 1885, 1889 to 1892 and 1895 to 1896, serving five terms. According to Volume 35 of the Iowa Journal of History and Politics, Morgan Reno was the Iowa Territorial Treasurer from 1840-1846 as well as the Librarian of Iowa Territory Offices from 1841-1846 (1944-1945, p. 256, 258).

Lolly Eggers writes in A Century of Stories,"In his last day in office, as one of his final official acts, Mayor Reno appointed all members of the Iowa City Public Library Association Board of Directors to the first board of trustees of the newly approved municipal library. On March 15, 1897, it officially became the Iowa City Public Library."(1997, p.19).


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