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Iowa City Celebrities

Collection Guide

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    Our Live Ones: Iowa City
    Iowa is a rich state
    Mayor Geo W. Ball
    W. J. McDonald,  County Attorney
    Judge J. J. Ney
    J. L. Records
    Robert N. Carson
    Henry Louis
    WM. Lutton
    Max Mayer
    Jim Aldous, Jr.
    Paul A. Korab
    O. Keith,  of Keith & McChesney
    Morris A. Lichtenstein
    T. W. Townsend
    Elizabeth Irish
    John Hands
    Frank R. Hatch
    Thos. A. (Buster) Brown
    J. J. Stach
    Owens & Graham
    W. P. Hohenschuh
    H. K. Morton
    C. C. Putnam [and] F. E. Humeston
    The Whetstone Pharmacy
    W. S. Thomas
    O. H. Fink
    M. C. Parsons
    A. M. Greer
    A. G. Prince
    W. E. Shrader
    Winfield Hughes
    Ernest H. Ross
    C. A. Webber
    Dr. P. H. P. Edwards
    J. H. Novak
    Sam T. Morrison
    E. D. Murphy
    W. F. Main
    O. H. Carpenter
    J. D. Reichardt
    W. W. Morrison
    Railroad Arrives
    Stage Ready
    IA. Confidential: Rev. Hummer 2008
    IA. Confidential: A Crime of Passion 2007